Reduce Mat Wear

There are several factors that impact durability and longevity of your mat life.

  1. Quality: heavier gauge rubber is more durable and will keep your mats looking new longer.
  2. Frequent service and cleaning: dirt and use wear on your fibres. Frequent cleaning helps to remove dirt and remove matting in the pile.
  3. Mat rotation: rotate your mats between low and high traffic areas. When we come in to service your mats we remove the dirty ones and replace them with clean mats.
  4. Matching backing to floor surface: A tile, concrete or wood floor should have flat backed mats on it to reduce shifting. Likewise, mats that are on carpet should be cleated. Cleated mats do not perform as well on a smooth floor, and flat backed mats do not perform as well on carpeted surfaces.

As your mat maintenance team, we provide you with high quality mats properly tailored to your office space.

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