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How to Clean Your Mats

Our mats make you look good. With no investment. No inventory. No replacement worries and no cleaning problems.

Reduce Mat Wear

There are several factors that impact durability and longevity of your mat life.

Top Ten Costs of an OPL

Some or all of these costs may be saved by outsourcing laundry services: Laundry Production Payroll, Management Payroll, Employee Benefits and more.

Rental Services

Anti Fatigue Mats St Catharines

Rental Mat Program

We provide our clients with a unique floor mat rental service with no investment, No inventory, No replacement worries and no...

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Commercial Floor Mat Service

Rental Mop Program

We offer a great selection of mops that will help to keep your facilities clean. For a nominal service charge, Read More

Anti Fatigue Mats St Catharines

Washroom Supplies & Services

Are you tired of forgetting to check if you still have enough washroom supplies? Do you have a problem finding space to store...

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Commercial Floor Mat Service

Why Buy When You Can Rent?

Renting a product as opposed to buying it provides many benefits to businesses. Please give us a call to find out more about...

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