Winterizing Your Premises

During the winter season, snow, ice and freezing rain can make your office premises hazardous for your customers.

Below are some tips to help you prevent slip & fall incidents:

  • Inspect the interior of your premises on a regular basis for unsafe conditions that could lead to a slip & fall loss. Maintain a daily log of when the inspection was done, what conditions were noted and what corrective action was taken.
  • During periods of inclement weather, all entrances should have mats or rugs to help keep the floor clean and dry. Damaged mats should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Non-slip wax should be used on floor surfaces, where required.
  • Water and other spills should be mopped up immediately and a Caution-Wet Floor sign should be posted.
  • Change your mats on a frequent basis
  • Use scrapper mats at exterior doors to reduce ice, snow and dirt being brought into the premises.